Political Issues & Initiatives

States' Rights

Protecting the Constitution of the United States is crucial to maintaining our freedom. The 10th amendment was written specifically to limit the Federal Government. Nobody knows Missouri like its own residents and we don't need people thousands of miles away telling us what to do. We need to make our own success through our own decisions.

Promoting Business in Missouri

Businesses create jobs. We need to encourage entreprenuership by cutting taxes. This will create an attractive environment for decision makers to bring new jobs to our state. Let's work together Missouri. Show me more jobs!

Localize Education

We should be able to decide what we teach and how we teach it. As Missourians we must be free to identify our own strengths and interests in order to create unique opportunities for our children and families. We need liberty. We need industry. We need to excercise our rights as Americans and as citizens of Missouri.

Right to Bear Arms - 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution is perfectly clear about our rights to own firearms. This is our right and cannot be denied. This about having the ability to protect our liberty and our families. Angry social media comments alone are not going to keep you free.

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Integrity and Cutting Taxes

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